Thursday, December 18, 2008
Holiday Schedule
My freelance gig won't need me the last two weeks of the year but they've asked me to come back after the first of the year. The last time I had this much time off I had to have a baby to get it.

As I look at the last two weeks of the year stretching out before me, I see gobs of time to be spent taking care of things around the house. Like the pesky light switch in our kitchen that is older than me and my husband combined. And the bulbs which were supposed to be planted by Thanksgiving if they are going to come up in time for spring need to be put in the ground. There's a washer in our tub faucet that needs changing. One day we will drive up to see the chalet homestead cottage camper and check to make sure that it is surviving the winter. Also, we will check to make sure one of the doors is locked because someone told their wife it was and then a week later admitted he isn't sure he locked it. Hrmph.

So my schedule looks like this:

Fix light switch Lie on sofa
Finish wrapping
Eat cookies
Replace washer in tub faucet Watch The Bishop's Wife
Make popcorn
Watch Holiday Affair
Organize/shred piles of papers Lie on sofa
Drive 2 hours to lock a door

Eat cookies


Blogger Andie said...

sounds like a typical day in my house!! enjoy!

Blogger CatMar said...

I would do the same thing except instead of getting work in the house done, I'd be on the computer all day. Oh well, enjoy your time off.

Anonymous vikki said...

It all seemed great until that drive 2 hours part :)

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