Saturday, February 2, 2008
I should have set up mobile blogging. Then you could have read this post in real time.

What follows are my thoughts typed on my BlackBerry throughout the 8:40 am showing of the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert film.

8:57 After lots of previews,* the 8:40 show finally begins.

8:58 On-screen screeching begins.

9:00 Notice that Miley Cyrus' legs are impossibly skinny.

9:05 I really hate Billy Ray Cyrus' soul patch.

9:07 Notice during the rehearsal segment in the movie one of Miley's back-up singers wears a Cheap Trick t-shirt. Miley probably doesn't even know who Cheap Trick is. Come to think of it, I think the back-up singer is too young to know who Cheap Trick is.

9:15 It is too freaking early for all this screeching.

9:27 The 3D effect is making me dizzy.

9:32 I think the Jonas brother sitting at the piano doesn't really know how to play it. I haven't seen his fingers move ONCE. They wear skinny ties (which is soooo 80's and that means I love their outfits).

9:33 Wait. One of the Jonas Brothers is wearing a vest and a scarf tied round his neck. Another is wearing a gold track jacket. Hmmm...maybe I don't love their look that much.

9:47 Maybe that back-up singer really IS old enough to know who Cheap Trick is. Huh. Good make-up!

9:49 High Heel Derby. Footage of a race featuring dads running a race in high heels in order to win 4 tickets to a Miley Cyrus concert. Interesting.

9:50 The 3D effect is making me nauseous.

9:58 At least Miley Cyrus can actually plan an instrument (guitar).

10:07 Movie ends.

Ok, the movie wasn't terrible. I already knew all the songs so it wasn't all foreign to me. Sophie seemed to enjoy herself but thought the movie was "too short." We were two of six people in the theater but the next showing was significantly more populated. After noon, all the shows were sold out so yay me for thinking ahead.

The music is upbeat and positive so I can't complain because Sophie could could have worse taste in music. I hate to take this cheap shot, but I won't mind Sophie following this talent as long as the talent doesn't go "Britney."

*Did you know there was a U2 3D movie? I didn't and I am PSYCHED! Look at the widget!


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