Thursday, January 31, 2008
Oh, So THAT'S the Stage We're in Now?
I knew it was coming, this stage. I'd read about it, heard about it, witnessed it even. It's just no one ever told me it starts so suddenly and without warning. So thanks for nothing if you've known all along that three is magical age in which boys become obsessed with bathroom humor. I already figured out that it lasts well into retirement for most males.

Last night as we were finishing up post-bath story time, Harry decided to tell knock-knock jokes:

Who's there?
Banana who?
Banana poopy!

Who's there?
Pee pee.
Pee pee who?
Pee pee poopy!

Who's there?
Poopy who?
Poopy HEAD!


Blogger Andie said...

rofl....John must have skipped that stage!

Anonymous Mom said...

Harry Boy you are somethin else. Instead of telling knock-knock poopy jokes why don't you go poopy on the potty?????????

Mer, my boss was telling me that when they couldn't train one of their boys, they threatened to tell his friends that he still went in his diaper, he was so scared that his friends would find out, he started going on the potty! Do you think this would help Harry-Boy? Hmmmm, i don't know about that.

Love, Hugs & kisses all around,


Anonymous CatMar said...

How funny is little Harry? Well have fun with the bathroom humor. It does last awhile.

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