Friday, February 1, 2008
Earliest Movie I'll Ever Attend
My salary ought to be called "The Disney Fund" because it seems lots of my hard-earned money funnels to the Mouse Corporation, both directly (in the form of a vacation in 2006) and indirectly (through character licensing on every product imaginable). I ponied up and bought Sophie tickets to see this because owning all her music, one DVD, two t-shirts, one backpack and a Hannah Montana Mix-Stick isn't enough.

Actually, she didn't ask. I just did it because I knew it would make her happy even if I did it through gritted teeth thinking "maybe the mouse can buy himself a shirt with THIS contribution to his empire."

Rather than fight crowds, which, let's face it, will be full of girls, aged 7-15 with their mothers/fathers/legal guardians, vying for the best seats and not shutting up and generally being annoying, I opted for the second earliest showing on the second day of release. Over and done with before lunch. Then I will be free for the rest of the day to jam a screwdriver into my ear in an effort to stop hearing "Best of Both Worlds" over and over in my head.

Any suggestions on what to eat on Saturday at an 8:40 AM showing of a teeny bopper/"rock" concert? Obviously it'll be a tad too early to eat hot dogs, nachos and Skittles.


Blogger Andie said...

WOW! that is early, about ham & eggs?? lol
have fun~!

Anonymous Mom said...

Sneak in some bacon and egg sandwichs, buy some oj or other juice at the theater!! What day are you going?

Anonymous Mom said...

P.S. Have lots of fun Sophie & Mer
Love, Hugs & kisses to all.

Anonymous CatMar said...

I didn't know they show movies that early. Please don't stick a screwdriver in your ears, How about some cotton? I suggest you get an egg sandwich or grilled cheese sandwich to eat there. Does the theater sell food that early? Enjoy the show!

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