Saturday, November 3, 2007
The Expedition Continues. Forecast: Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Tears
We are continuing the Culinary Expedition of Fall 2007 this evening with a unit focused on kids doing the cooking. We will make chicken and dumplings and call the dumplings clouds. If you make 'em right they puff up beautifully like the ones in the sky. I was inspired to call them clouds by an email I received from Barbara recommending that I call vegetables other things so kids will eat them.

Here's the recipe we'll use (it's not precise, but if you do everything to taste, you can't go wrong).

Cloudy Chicken (Chicken and Dumplings)
Six chicken thighs (or another cut of chicken, preferably on the bone, deskinned)
Bay Leaves

Biscuit Mix

Place chicken and vegetables in
a large pot. Cover with cold water, enough so that the chicken is submerged by at least an inch. Add salt and pepper. Turn on the heat. You could also make this the classic soup way: saute the vegetables, then add the water and chicken. But hey, it's up to you.

Keep the heat low and let the chicken and vegetables cook at barely a simmer.

When the chicken is cooked through, remove the pieces to a plate to cool. Once cool enough to handle, shred the meat off the bones and return to the pot. Discard bones.

Mix up the milk and egg with some biscuit mix according to box directions or use this recipe for the dumplings. Bring the pot to a boil. Drop in the biscuit mix by rounded spoonfuls (sometimes I use a small ice cream scoop). Boil 10 minutes uncovered, then 10 minutes covered. When all is said and done, you should have a nice, thick, stew-y dish. Ladle it into a bowl, serve with a salad.

I'm hoping that by getting the kids into the kitchen they will see this dish is comprised of all the things they like. Here's to hoping.


Blogger Andie said...

mmm, sounds yummy!

Blogger CatMar said...

Letting the kids cook is a great motivational way to get them to eat something different. Great thinking Mer! If they give you a problem eating it, just keep reminding them that they made it and how proud of them you are! Mer, Don't tell your mom, but You are a wonderful mother!!!!

Blogger CatMar said...

oopa! I meant to say don't tell your mom I said this, but of course, she'll read this. LOL!

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