Tuesday, November 6, 2007
As Good A Day As Any
We're trying to get Harry interested in potty training. He'll be three in a couple of months and, while I won't rush him, I sure am getting tired of diapers and wrestling him to the floor to change him. Harry, on the other hand, finds diapers most useful since he can play trains for HOURS on end without those pesky trips to the bathroom or having to talk to anyone about maybe getting help for said trips to bathroom. Instead all his communication can center around...trains! And collapsed bridges! Shunting freight cars and being a "really useful engine!".

In an effort to steer him towards all things potty, we've started asking him to tell us when he's gone in his diaper. Seems logical. If you can begin recognizing that you've gone, the next logical step is to recognize when you have to go. Right? Right!

One evening earlier this week, Harry needed a change and I reminded him of what he was supposed to do. Then I said "Harry, when will you start going on the potty?"

He thought for a moment, then said "Thursday?"


Blogger Andie said...

lol. Good luck with that! That was the worst. John was FINALLY trained at 4 years & 1 month thanks to Tommy my brother inlaw....

Blogger CatMar said...

He's too funny. Okay, he has 2 days. Ask him on Thursday if he's trained yet. I'd love to hear his answer.

Anonymous Mom said...

Thats my Harry Boy, he is so funny. Lets see what happens on Thurs. he will no doubt come up with another wise answer.

Love to all,

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