Sunday, September 30, 2007
First Day of Expedition Starts Early with Flank Steak Tacos, Crew Optimistic for Remainder of Fall
Day One:
The Great Culinary Expedition of Fall 2007 kicked off early when, buoyed by a drop in the price of flank steak on Saturday, I decided to make this.

The Natives were restless with hunger, thanks to the celebration of a birthday at a gymnastics outpost. The constant activity and their ability to burn off massive amounts of cake, fueled their hunger to a new extreme.

Without garlic salt in my possession, I was forced to improvise with kosher salt and garlic powder for the meat. The Natives couldn't tell the difference. Was unable to locate enchilada sauce and thought chipotle sauce would substitute in the rice. It does not, for it is spicy and the Natives are of the bland palate variety. However, I added a mere tablespoon and the rice had a lovely zing which pleased the Expedition crew, who are of the bored palate variety.

Foraged in the garden for fresh tomatoes with which to top our tacos. Also used prepared salsa and shredded cheese.

Experiment went well. The Natives at first dismissed the meal given to them but quickly adapted by deconstructing the tacos into recognizable items (ie: meat, cheese, taco shell, rice).

The aim is to get the food, which is different from what they are used to, in their stomachs; deconstruction helped the Expedition achieve this; rice sampled but not enjoyed by the Natives. Lesson learned: success is achievable if the Natives arrive at the table very hungry as they are less likely to refuse food. Also, the Expedition Crew will not have to resort to drastic measures to get the test subjects to eat what is put in front of them.

Experiment a success!


Anonymous Mom said...

Hi My Love,
Glad to hear the "experiement" was a success!!. I can just picture my two grands taking those apart. At least they ate them, apart or not.

Love You,

Blogger Andie said...

I agree with what MOM said.

Blogger CatMar said...

I looked at that recipe and copied it. It looks pretty good. Glad your experiment went well.

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