Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Toy Recalls
In case you hadn't heard, lots and lots of toys over the past several months have been recalled due to hazards that could kill your child or just give them a third degree burn.

The Easter Bunny brought Harry a James tender-type train that has mysteriously "disappeared" because it contains lead. Polly Pockets and other various toys were recalled because tiny, tiny pieces could pose choking hazards. For some reason, Polly's microscopic shoes don't pose this hazard but her embedded magnets do.

We are also owners of the Easy Bake oven which was recalled earlier this year because it could burn the little baker's fingers. My little baker's fingers never got burned but mine did because I stupidly stuck my hand into the little opening. This toy is not intended for children under eight and apparently not for adults three times that age!

We're finally getting around to turning in all the defective toys for replacements or credits/refunds. Hasbro, manufacturer of the EB oven, sent me a kit to retrofit the door onto the oven as well as two bake mixes. Before I could install the kit and bake up the mixes they sent me a box to ship the thing back in. Once they receive it, they'll credit me $32 to spend at their online shop.

So which is it? Keep it or ship it back? A visit to their website shows that the instructions are to ship the toy back. Yay! 3 square feet of NYC apartment living reclaimed!

Of course this means that whatever space I reclaim will be exceeded by the Littlest Pet Shop bobble-headed plastic pets that will be purchased with the $32.

And, because its not enough that you've spent money on defective toys already, toys may be more expensive this holiday season. Fantastic.


Blogger Andie said...

is she really doesn't bake too much, i'd vote for the return. otherwise, fix it. sucks that all of these problems with toys. thanks GOD I didn't have any of them.

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