Thursday, September 13, 2007
Identity Theft Update II
So yesterday I was at work and I get a call from the police and I'm instantly in a state thinking something awful has happened. Everything was fine. As it turns out they arrested the woman who stole my identity! Incredible!

I met with the detective on my case and was shown her picture. She isn't anyone I know. She also looked remarkably "normal." I had half-expected her to look a little nutso, maybe with a hint of thuggishness but she looked like an ordinary person.

I signed some paperwork and was given a copy of the report to keep with my growing ID Theft folder. The kicker to all this is that she is a naturalized US citizen WITH HER OWN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. How do I know this? It's printed right there on the report, along with her permanent address and her cell phone number. She (Merlene) has been using my SS# since 2004. It was only in 2005 that she also assumed my last name. Using this last name and my SS# flagged something in the IRS computer system. The rest, as they say, is identity theft history.

My next step is to file copies of the arrest report with the FTC and the IRS. I'm also planning on calling up the company she defaulted with on that gym membership and let them know what's transpired. I'm sure they'd all like to know where to find her.


Blogger Andie said...

that is awesome news. i hope she's in jail for a long time.

Blogger CatMar said...

WOW!! Thank goodness she was caught. I can't imagine that she was using your identify all this time and no one had any idea of it! How scary is that? Oh well, I hope she's put away for a very long time.

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