Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Fare thee well, Kindergarten
The best part of saying goodbye to kindergarten has been the big folders they've sent home with their work from the schoolyear. I thought my favorite was her instruction booklet from writing workshop which gives the steps to bake a cake but I came across this gem, also from writing workshop:

The Harry
I love him.
He is 2.
He is annoying.
But I love him.

Yesterday, the graduating kindergarten class of 2007 had a meet and greet with their 1st grade teachers. While I thought this was a very exciting event, it apparently has had the opposite effect on the children. There were many tears shed last night over who won't be in Miss Young's first grade class next year and even the parents are in a tizzy. All you heard at drop off this morning was "Which teacher does so-and-so have next year?" And then either a sigh or a smile, depending on the answer.

Sophie is most disappointed that her friend, Theo, will not be in her class. They attended day care, Pre-K and Kindergarten together and this is really just making the post-kindergarten transition that much harder for her.

So last night, trying to focus on the positive, we talked about the new teacher. I asked "Is Miss Young nice? Is she older or younger?"

Sophie replied "She's a little old and a little young. Like you."

I hope that's a compliment.

And so today, at the stroke of noon, the children of my child's school will burst forth from the doors, flinging books and pencils as they run amok through the streets of Brooklyn as summer vacation begins.

Actually, it will be a very calm procession of releases as each caregiver arrives at the door to collect their charges and I just know Sophie will get a hug on her way out the door. I got one this morning from her sweet teacher when we gave her flowers from our garden. And then she told me what every parent wants to hear: "Sophie will do well in first grade. She's so far above where she's supposed to be and she's so wonderful!"

I wholeheartedly agree.


Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Lovey, I am trying to be upbeat, but my heart goes out to "My Heart". Not for nothin, but do you think, never mind. I will just anticipate my upcoming visit with my babes. We are going to have fun!!

Love you and your chickens,

P.S. John too!!!

Blogger Andie said...

Awe, I cried while I read this... My Sophie... I know how hard it is to be seperated from the friends you grow to love. Hugs sweetie! I think she will be a future writer, or at least a great blogger like her mommy. Love you all.

Blogger CatMar said...

Sophie will do just fine, making new friends in first grade. She'll eventually learn that making new friends means having lots more friends. I love her Harry story!

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