Sunday, June 10, 2007
Last week was quite a week. In addition to all the inspiration I gained from gardening, we also visited one zoo, lost two fish and by this afternoon will have attended two parties. If all goes according to plan, I will have eliminated one squirrel from the face of the earth.

On Thursday our sitter had a fever and so I got to spend the day with the kids. Class wasn't in session for Sophie but the weather was gorgeous and lunches were already made and packed and so we headed to the zoo for the day. The Bronx Zoo was really wonderful, especially since Harry now knows most animals and is really interested in looking at them. We took a ride on their monorail and got to see a baby rhino and a pair of elephants, one of which reared up on his hind legs as we passed.

Carrot and Toast also passed away this week. Carrot died first on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning, the kids who barely glanced at them the day before woke up and immediately sensed the absence of one fish. Toast didn't look too hot and I let Sophie know it wasn't looking too good for him. We've decided to stick with cats, at least for the forseeable future, and that's just fine with me. I have bigger fish to fry, pardon the pun, with the squirrel. Not only did I discover that he'd been digging around in the pot with the lavender seeds but this morning I found him about to dig up a flower bed and then he knocked over the pot with the lavender seeds.

Last night we attended a party welcoming John's friend Tom home to NY. You may remember that we visited Tom at Walter Reed back in December while he was recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered while serving in Iraq. The last time we saw him he was flat on his back and he'd just learned that his pelvic bone wasn't knitting in right at the spot that bears all the weight while standing. Well last night, Tom was walking and standing and that was something we'd been praying to see for a long time. We met some of his army buddies and one them had just completed his third and final tour in Iraq. I stood in awe of these guys, and thanked them.

Today we will head to my dad's to celebrate his 60th birthday. For some reason everyone thought it was only his 59th and suddenly we went from Finding Dad Something Nice for his birthday to Finding Something Very Special to Commemorate This Milestone. We are naming a star after him because people, my father may very well be the World's Most Difficult Man to Shop For.


Blogger Andie said...

my sympathies for your losses.
happy 60th Barry!
Congrats to Tom! Glad you're doing better.

Anonymous Mom said...

Welcome Home Tom, Hope you are doing well Thanks for all you've done for the USA.

Mer, sorry about the fishies, were the kids upset?
I called your Dad and wished him a happy 60th & Many more!!!
Love to my grandbabies & John,
you too, of course

Blogger CatMar said...

Meredith, I'm sorry about your fish. Please tell Tom that I'm happy he has healed and thank him and his other soldier friends for doing a fine job in Iraq. And finally, I can't believe Barry is 60! Wow! Time has really flew by. I remember I was 17 when I first met your Dad in the donut shop. Now we're old!!!! LOL

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