Monday, June 25, 2007
How to Disinfect and Deodorize Your Foot
Step 1: Adopt psychotic cat. Name her Inky.

Step 2: Erect tent in backyard for children. This works best if it is a Graco model, intended for the beach. These come complete with a "floor" to keep the sand off the kid(s).

Step 3: Sit in the yard while youngest child naps and read a book. If you read a really good book, you won't notice the cat entering the tent.

Step 4: Chat on the phone for thirty minutes (but don't pay any attention to what the cat is doing).

Step 5: When youngest child wakes up, let him come play in the backyard. He will be all kissable from his nap and agreeable to playing in the tent.

Step 6: Crawl in tent to brush out the leaves, which blew in there while you were relaxing.

Step 7: Notice cat pee. IN. THE. TENT.

Step 8: Let out an exasperated groan and turn around just in time to see psychotic cat hightail it into the house.

Step 9: Retrieve rubber gloves, Lysol and paper towels from house and begin scrubbing the floor of the tent. And the walls, where the cat pee splashed. This is more fun if you do it while simultaneously trying to preoccupy a 2 year old boy.

Step 10: Roll up the flaps of the tent for maximum air flow to dry the Lysol and air out the fumes from said Lysol.

Step 11: Curse, mutter and seethe quietly to yourself.

Step 12: Accidently knock over the open bottle of Lysol. Make sure 1/2 of the lavender scented liquid soaks your right foot.

Step 13: Curse, mutter and seethe to every single person within earshot.

Voila! You now have the cleanest right foot in town!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Andie said...

lol, poor Inky and your right foot!

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