Thursday, June 14, 2007
Me and the school year? We are so DONE.
I was really DONE six weeks ago but I kept plowing through the last weeks of the school year and with nary a complaint. But that's it. I'm officially done.

About the only thing I'm not tired of is hearing Sophie talk about science. Her enthusiasm is infectious. But the rest of it? Over it. I'm tired of the permission slips, the lunch money, the homework, the notices sent home, the newsletters, the calendars, the reminders, the field trips, snack days (21 napkins, 21 juice boxes and 1 box of cookies or crackers). Sick of the drama that kindergarten can stir up both at home and in the classroom. Tired of rushing to make it there on time and still being late. Tired of remembering sneakers only on Wednesdays for gym and old clothes on Tuesdays and Thursday for art.

What do we want? SUMMER.
When do we want it? NOW.


Anonymous Mom said...

Good Morning Lovey,

My goodness school over with? Sophies only in Kindergarten, wait, wait it doesnt get any better!!! Wait for what? HOMEWORK!!!. If she is like you - no problem, but Mike & Mel.....forget it.
Keep your chin up and don't forget by mid August you will be wishing for school to start.

Love you Mom

Blogger Andie said...

lol, mom's right. by August, you'll be praying for school to start. Like I am now. Only 81 more days until school starts again....

Blogger CatMar said...

My perspective is sooo different from yours, of course. I can't wait until June 27 (only 8 more days, not counting today or weekends). After that I can sleep later, not have to listen to children fighting over who's pencitl it is and all the other things that come with teaching. This year I had Resource Room with kids from first through eighth grade. Those middle school kids killed me. Next year I have special ed kindergarten. That should be fun. 81 more days until school starts again? I didn't want to know that! Mer, wait until they are both in school. What are Sophie and Harry doing over the summer?

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