Sunday, July 15, 2007
Dear Moo Shu Pork, Where Have You Been All My Life? Love, Meredith
Since Fridays' temperature wasn't hot and sticky, and the stringent rules of the NYC public pools didn't appeal to my mom (no beach chairs, white t-shirts only, etc.) I headed into NYC's Chinatown with Sophie and the aformentioned mom. We had several things on our to-do list, chief among them: eating.

We went to Hop Kee for lunch, one of those below-street-level Chinatown strong holds where you can get Very Good Food. Everytime I've gone in there it is full with New Yorkers and other Chinese families. This is a good sign in neighborhoods like this one, and one we always look for when we are traveling. Always follow the locals and you can't go wrong.

So there we were at a corner booth and we ordered egg rolls and lo mein and fried rice. Then I decided that I must try moo shu pork. Right then and there.

I was not sorry. I love moo shu. Why hasn't anyone ever told me about this? Tender meat, crunch vegetables and a ginger-y, plummy sauce all rolled up in a Chinese pancake? Like a Chinese fajita without the sizzling platter? Sign me up!

And Sophie, who has tried egg rolls before when we order Chinese in and hasn't really thought they were much to write home about, devoured hers, along with the lo mein and about six cups of tea. I remarked to my mom that however they cook the food at Hop Kee, it reminded me of the Chinese food of my youth, when ordering in meant egg rolls and spare ribs and egg foo young and wonton soup from Richard Yees.

After our meal, we shopped. My mission was to find another pair of beaded slippers. A year ago I bought a pair of slippers which were so comfortable that I looked for another pair every time I returned to the area. Friday was my lucky day: I found three pairs...

Then we found a pair slippers for Sophie along with jibbitz for our crocs and a white purse for my mom and a dangly tassel thingy for mom to hang on her lamp at home. Sophie and I also found sparkly hair clips and a gold purse. All the $5 stuff you could ever ask for, lovingly bargained for with a whisper of "You like bag? Gucci? Prada?" and an invitation to follow the shopkeeper into the back of the store for a clandestine purchase of designer knock-offs.


Blogger CatMar said...

Sounds like you had a great day. And now your mom is back home. I'm glad you had a nice visit. When you go to Chinatown again, try Who (pronounced Whoa)Hop. Actually, I'm not exactly sure of the spelling. It's another one of those downstairs restaurants with the most delicious food. Upstairs is also Who Hop but don't go there. They must have different cooks and the food is not that good. I also love moo shu pork. Ooh, now I'm hungry!!

Blogger Andie said...

Hey, now I want chinese, oh well, maybe today for lunch. glad you had a great time with mom & the kiddo's. sounds like you had a great shoppong trip too. talk to you soon. love ya!

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