Friday, May 18, 2007
Mrs. Crabbypants
I woke up yesterday in a bad mood. A foul mood. For no apparent reason except that yesterday was my turn to be Not Pleasant.

Someone came into my office and asked "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just in a really bad mood today."


"No reason really. Just tired and cranky I guess." And then I launched into a tirade about things that had pissed me off thus far. The list started with tourists, people walking and talking on cell phones who act annoyed when they plow into you because they are not paying attention. It ended with "And then there's Dora."

"Dora who?"

"Dora. You know. The Explorer. Where does she get off hanging out with a monkey? And not just any old monkey. A monkey wearing red fucking boots. So not based in any reality I know of."

And then my colleague backed away and mentioned that I could probably use some time off. Which is forthcoming. And needed.


Anonymous Mom said...

Glad i didn't speak to you yesterday!!!!!! Just kidding - I love you. I hope you feel better

Blogger Andie said...

ditto for me! Hope you're day is better today. Love ya!

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