Friday, May 25, 2007
Why do almost all my subway experiences end with me thinking "What a freak!"?
Oh how I wish I had a camera phone. Then you could see for yourself the freak show that played before me last night on the C train.

Allow me to describe the look of the man first: bleach blond hair down to his shoulders held back with a skull and cross bone Rambo bandana, sleeveless black Superman shirt and skinny polyester rocker pants.

The theme of his freak show was to give a blow by blow description of his recent foot surgery to his friend, from the "thing" they wheeled him to the operating room on ("What the fuck you call it? You know....the THING!" Newsflash buddy: it's called a gurney. Haven't you ever watched ER?), to the gangrenous state of the appendage, to the odor of the infection and finally how they peeled back his toenails and "scraped all that black shit out" of his little piggies.

It took awhile to get my appetite back. I'm nearly positive the woman that was sitting next to this guy is probably still retching into a trash can somewhere.

Happy memorial day to all....enjoy the long weekend.


Blogger Andie said...

OMG! You poor thing. How gross. Some people have no class. Glad you have a nice long weekend. STAY AWAY FROM THE SUBWAY!!!

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