Thursday, December 10, 2009
Thanks, Mister. I Feel Better Now!
Present buying, holiday card ordering, work deadlines, school functions. I'm feeling the holiday pressure big time. My shoulders have been hunched up and my mind is constantly racing.

For a while I've really felt like I was right on the border between Crazytown and Loony Bin Falls (which happens to be closer to Cuckoo Junction than one would think). Then I took the subway home this evening and watched a man finish his Starbucks extra-grande beverage. That is actually quite normal here in New York City. The strange thing is that immediately after finishing, he removed the lid, tossed it to the floor and proceeded to EAT the paper cup.

I guess I'm not thisclose to crazy afterall.


Blogger Andie said...

maybe he was hungry !?!

Anonymous Vikki said...

People watching offers up such good material. Was it one of those cups made out of corn that you can technically eat? I ask because I've tried a bowl like that and, well, maybe I'm crazy too.

Anonymous mom said...

Only in New York people, only in New York. By the way, I will meet you at Cuckoo Junction and we can be crazy together, after why be alone?
luv ya,

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