Monday, November 30, 2009
Things I Learned over Thanksgiving
I learned that no matter how many times you've made the same exact menu for Thanksgiving, it still takes all damn day.
I learned that our 40 year old oven could be repaired with hours to spare before Thanksgiving, work beautifully cooking a large meal, then totally conk out after broiling a steak two days later.
I leaned that it is possible to not really give a shit about the oven approximately 3 seconds after realizing it doesn't work again. I also don't give a shit how much it will cost the landlord to replace it.
I learned that I did not have glaucoma when I got that weird pain in my eye on Friday night. It was merely an eyelash.
It took a full 12 hours to figure out it was an eyelash, during which I learned that you should not Google "causes of eyeball pain" if you want to sleep at night.
I learned while Googling "causes of eyeball pain" that there are diseases of the eye so disturbing I may never sleep soundly again.


Blogger Andie said...

why won't your landlord get you a new oven? glad the pain in your eye wasn't more serious..

Anonymous mom said...

glad to hear your eye is ok, i don't know if you remember, but i used to get eye infections all time due to old mascara, get this one doctor told me it was eyelash dandruff!!!. Now i change my mascara every three months and clean my mascara brush with a little vaseline.

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