Friday, November 20, 2009
How often do you talk to your mate/husband/wife/partner/significant other during the day?

John and I each work deadline-driven jobs while we're raising two kids in a NYC apartment the size of a Barbie Dream House minus the dream. It isn't very practical to phone one another several times a day to see what's happening and more often than not there isn't time at the end of the day to have Meaningful Conversation unless we trade sleep for talking. And you know, we would, except we don't sleep as much as pass out from exhaustion.

Lately we've been chatting online about things that we need to remind one another about, things going on with the kids, how awful our morning commute was or who will be working late to meet the aforementioned deadlines.

Some of our conversations get silly, despite the fact that we are talking about something decidedly unsilly. A few months ago we were talking about a funeral we needed to attend and our conversation went like this:
me: hi. found out the funerals at 9am
john: ok
me: also, I ordered and sent the flowers
john: good. are we also ordering a 6ft sandwich?
me: for the funeral?
john: no for the block party {later that same day}

John IM'd me yesterday morning to ask about an event we were thinking of going to. The digital conversation inevitably turned to the kids, namely our son and his penchant for bathroom talk which is becoming a problem. Here's what was transpired:

me: by the way, your son walked into the classroom this
morning saying "Fart, Fart, Fart, Fart"
John: ok. that's it. he promised no more bathroom
talk. he's grounded. what do you suggest. no legos for a
me: isn't it obvious? DEATH BY FART.


Blogger Andie said...

roflmao...i love it! death by fart!! lol

Anonymous Vikki said...

If he keeps up the talk, it'll be the parents that suffer Death by Fart. Too funny. Also, that 6ft long sandwich conversation cracked me up.

Anonymous Vikki said...

p.s. Luisa and I have been occasionally tweeting each other. Yes, it's come to that on a few occasions. Those who follow both of us now know how boring we are.

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