Sunday, December 6, 2009
Plug 'n Play
I have no idea where the previous 7 days went. My last post was Thanksgiving wrap-up and now here we are, 7 days into December and the holiday season. How did that happen?

In the past week I have worked lots of late nights, published one bilingual church newletter, washed eleven loads of laundry, found 1 lost backpack on school grounds, chaperoned one school dance, bought and returned one artificial Christmas tree, bought another Christmas tree, discovered my oven works (a Christmas miracle!), joined Amazon prime for the free 2 day shipping, caught a cold, eaten three bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, decorated the aforementioned Christmas tree and was a guinea pig for the upstairs neighbors foray into egg nog making. She is heavy handed when making the egg nog. I really like my neighbor.

As for the tree, this is the first year in, oh, maybe 20 years that we've put up an artificial tree. We're going to travel this month so a real tree is out of the question. Sophie has complained about it every day since we decided to go the artificial route, saying it just won't be Christmas without the smell of a real tree, the falling pine needles all over the floor, watching me water it every day, then playing Nintendo DS while her father and I wrestle it out the door to the curb come early January.

The best part about the tree we ended up with is that it's prelit so once it was assembled we plugged it in and called it a day. The kids ended up not minding so much since they didn't have wait for us to string lights around the boughs, rearrange them to make sure they were evenly spaced and argue whether or not we need to add another set of lights to the tree. As soon as the tree was assembled they could bunch all the ornaments to the front of the tree while we sat and drank the neighbor's egg nog.


Blogger Andie said...

love that picture!

Anonymous mom said...

a great picture of my grands! I lol when i read the part about the egg nog.
see you all soon, and i cant wait!!

Anonymous Vikki said...

Sweet, sweet picture!

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