Thursday, April 2, 2009
Day 2 of unemployment was spent taking Sophie to the otolaryngologist, aka the ENT doctor. The dentist thinks the plaque that builds up on her front teeth is caused by breathing through her mouth at night due to enlarged adenoids. The pediatrician agrees.

When I called to make the appointment, it was a 25 minute process. 15 of those minutes were spent on hold, four were spent being transferred from one person to another, two minutes were spent convincing the office that I don't need a referral in order to see their precious doctor and the remaining four were spent by giving them our insurance information and then being told the first available appoint was in April. Apparently otolaryngology is Greek for "no appointments for three months."

The doctor asked Sophie if she's more comfortable breathing through her mouth and the answer was a resounding "yes."

Then he asked if she snores. My answer was a resounding "yes," except Sophie told the doctor "I don't snore. If I snored I'd wake myself up, wouldn't I?"

No, she wouldn't. I know this because most nights, I have the husband snoring to the left of me and I hear Sophie AND Harry snoring through the monitor on my right. All that snoring (in stereo, too!) and I am the only one awake to hear it.

What we learned at this visit is that she has mild allergies-more of the year-round kind-so allergy testing will be necessary. She will also have to take a nasal spray for the congestion and if every thing gets better from that she'll be OK. If not, we'll discuss "the next steps," which is an adenoidectomy and Sophie thinks this is Greek for "post-surgical unlimited ice cream diet."


Blogger Andie said...

awe, poor Sophs....don't like the ent's....

Anonymous Mom said...

My poor Dear Heart, I agree with Andie, I don't like the ENT's either

Blogger CatMar said...

Poor Sophie... feel better dear

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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