Friday, March 13, 2009
Time to Get Cracking
This blog has been neglected since my last post about cutting the fat. It's just that there's not much to report on in these parts. I'm on hiatus from work this week and the freelance gig is finished at the end of the month so I've been updating my resume, looking for a job and cleaning the house.

Actually, I've been doing more cleaning than anything else because isn't that the best way to procrastinate? You avoid doing something and gain a clean, germ-free home in the process. Win-win, no?

Yesterday, in the most desperate attempt to procrastinate I vaccuumed the bathroom. Our bathroom has little nooks where dirt collects and I find the vaccuum is the best way to gather it up in order to wash the floor.

Today, the laundry is all washed, folded and put away. The breakfast dishes are clean. The kitchen is scrubbed. The vaccuum was run over the floors and all the errant cheerios that fell while Harry ate his breakfast are gone. The pets are fed. Beds are made. Email has been checked and answered. Blog has been blogged. Guess it's time to get cracking finding that job!


Blogger CatMar said...

Well aren't you the "happy little homemaker"? Now that your house is clean, get that job. I know what you can do... add house cleaning to your resume! LOL!! Good luck

Blogger Andie said...

boy, you were busy!! come & clean mine! good luck job hunting.

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