Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Too Late
Dear Facebook,

I love you.

No, wait, I hate you.

Well, I love you as long as I am not tagged in photos rocking big 80's hair, neon clothing, frosted eyeshadow and/or acid wash jeans.

Also, please refrain from allowing messages get to my inbox that start with "remember when...?"
Because surely the "remember when" is something I didn't really forget, it's just too embarrassing to repeatedly bring up in conversations.

So rule of thumb, Facebook? If it ain't mentioned
here, it don't go there.


Dear Meredith,

Too late!



Blogger Andie said...

don't think i ever saw that pic! love the big 80's hair!!

Anonymous Mom said...

I happen to love that pic of you

Blogger CatMar said...

I love that pic of you too!

Blogger Vikki said...

Impressive hair. Impressive.

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