Monday, February 2, 2009
Springsteen Rocked the Half-Time Show. Also, My Dreams in Y2K.
I was really happy to hear recently that Bruce Springsteen is touring again because, I, child of the eighties, LOVED Born in the USA and its delicious album cover.

I love everything that came before it and I even like the stuff that came after it. Imagine how stoked I was last night when I casually asked John who the half-time entertainment was at last night's Super Bowl.

The only disappointment was that the show was too short and did anyone else have a hard time trying to not picture Steve Van Zandt as Silvio from the Sopranos? Anyone?

When I was pregnant with Sophie in 2000, John and I saw Springsteen in concert at Madison Square Garden. Hormones make pregnant women dream pretty vividly and about a week after the show I had a dream that I was lost on Staten Island, NY. I kept circling the streets again and again and finally got out of the car to consult a map. That's when Bruce Springsteen happened to notice me. "Ya lost?" he asked.

"Um, yeah. And you know, pregnant, too. I just can't find my way off this god-forsaken island. Could you give me directions?"

"Get in the car and follow me," said The Boss.

So I did.

We drove to this little house that was tucked away behind lots of shrubs and fences. You'd never know it was there just driving by in your dreams. So Bruce gets out of the car and I'm a little freaked out because HELLO! Bruce Springsteen is trying to help me find my way off Staten Island but has instead lured me to some hideaway.

I rolled the window down and said "Uh, I just needed directions. Can I get to Hylan Boulevard from here?"

"Come in," he said. "Patti's making soup." So I went in to their house and sure enough, there was Patti Scialfa making an enormous pot of soup. In July. In her kitchen. On Staten Island.

"Hi!" she said. "Hungry? You must be. You're eating for two!"

So while Patti Scialfa finished making me lunch, Bruce showed me around the little house. I asked how he liked living on Staten Island and if he wouldn't prefer to be back in New Jersey. "Nah, no one knows I live here! It's great!"

"But I recognized you instantly," I said.

"Yeah, but you're alright. I know you won't tell anyone." And the whole time I was thinking "The Boss thinks I'm alright! He invited me into his home and we're going to have lunch. I guess I really am alright!"

Then Patti called us back to the kitchen to eat and they said I could stay as long as I liked with them. I politely declined, saying I had a husband back in Brooklyn waiting for me. (As if Brooklyn is a land far, far away.) And then the dream ended and I don't even know what kind of soup I had for lunch. But they are very nice people, those Springsteens.


Blogger Andie said...

OMG! that dream!! I LOVE IT!!

Blogger CatMar said...

Now that's a dream to remember!

Anonymous Mom said...

WOW! What a dream, no wonder you don't like Staten Island.
Love all around,

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