Friday, July 18, 2008
Magic Potion
We have this multi-purpose potion in our house. You can buy it at any drug store. Seriously, it is very versatile. It can help rashes from poison ivy AND make three year old boys cry. Don't believe me? Come to my house the next time Harry gets a mosquito bite. When I put the magic potion on the affected area it will instantly make the bite better AND make him dissolve into a puddle of tears. Voila! Instant melt down.

But that's not all. If I can keep him still long enough to get the magic potion to dry on the bite he will continue to cry and when I reassure him that "it will be ok....just leave it alone already!" he responds "My arm is killing me!" Instant drama.

At $4.39 a bottle, it is a bargain. Instant melt downs in your own home without those pesky leaving-the-toy-store-empty handed trips!


Blogger Andie said...

lol..I have a magic cream (bacitracin) that makes John's leg feel better. Aren't they great!!

Blogger Mia said...

so what's the magic potion??

Blogger Meredith said...

Calamine lotion...that's what I get for posting when I'm cooking and trying to occupy the kids!

Blogger CatMar said...

I remember the magic band aids that made every boo boo better.

Anonymous joey said...

can i please put some on harry every time he gets so god damn annoying or whenener he comes over so he will eventualy realize hes gonna get it everytime hes here and he will stop liking my house

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