Monday, June 30, 2008
Today I have a meeting. Just a quick meeting which may or may not result in getting employment and a steady paycheck. Oh, and benefits. And maybe some employee discounts as a perk. But it's just a meeting, even if the online application was grueling: pages and pages of questions regarding my citizenry and prior convictions and schooling and what my past accomplishments are and what is my desired salary. Did you know that "shitloads of cash" is not an acceptable answer on an application for employment? Seriously, the website would only accept numbers in the little box.

Still, it is just a meeting to see if we, meaning me and this job, might be compatible. So really it's almost like a date. And my husband is really itching for me to hook up and get lucky on this date. He kept wanting to know my answers to questions he thinks they might ask but I always go into these situations with the intention of just answering honestly. I think canned answers are just that: canned. So I don't know what kind of fruit I am or if I consider myself a people person. I like working, I like my work and I get along with people and I try to be nice about it because being demanding or inconsiderate of others is rude.

After that meeting there is another meeting in a land far, far away to see someone else about possible employment at one company or maybe another. This meeting is more like signing up with a matchmaker to find me a mate. She will tell me what to say and how to dress and to avoid garlic and onion prior to the dates she will send me on. She, too, wants me to get lucky because when I get lucky she gets paid. Wait, that doesn't sound right. When I am hired she gets a commission.

It'd be nice to finish my freelance position and float right on to the next opportunity. I know it is not always that easy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed so please keep your fingers crossed for me, too.


Blogger Andie said...

you know my fingers are definitely crossed...let me know how it goes.

Anonymous Mom said...

Lots & Lots for good luck coming your way.

Blogger CatMar said...

I'm keeping my fingers, eyes and toes crossed. Good luck!!!

Anonymous susie said...

My fingers are crossed for you!

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