Monday, July 14, 2008
John is spending time with his parents in Texas before flying home with Sophie so it was just Harry and I this weekend. Sophie has called several times a day to stay connected and alleviate homesickness.

During last night's phone call she let me know that they'd eaten at Sonic. If you want to kill yourself witht fast food, Sonic's the way you want to go. You just drive up, order and eat in your car (unless you are in Oklahoma City, where there is a sit-down Sonic). Sophie was all "We ate at Sonic! It was good. But I miss you!" and I was all "Dude, there isn't a Sonic within 200 miles of our house....suck it up already!"

Spending a weekend solo with a three year old is fun. And exhausting. But mostly fun. Especially in a camper where there are beds to ask him to stop jumping on, marshmallows to toast, pools to swim in and a playground in which to play. Not to mention the sandbox and a swingset next door at thegrandparents.

There were clouds on Sunday morning so there could be no swimming or trips to the playground. Well I could have, but you know how it is. Pack it all up and it will surely rain the minute to step into the pool. So, I packed the three year old up and headed home. We saw WALL-E. Three quarters of the way throughthe film, he asked "please can we go home now?"

So home we went where we donned swimsuits and headed to the local pool for a swim. I swore we would only stay in the kiddie pool so I could SIT but three year old boys always have a different agenda and it is usually the polar opposite of their mother's. Into the big pool we went where the legs, knees and feet of my three year old made repeated contact with my abdomen and thighs via kicking.

Then he yawned.

Did you know it is much easier to cajole a three year old out of the pool whenhe is tired, cold and hungry? Usually, three year olds cry and refuse to leave any place that features aquatic recreation. But tired, cold and hungry? Piece of cake.

Next was the insistance of having a steak dinner. Steak. What three year old doyou know refuses McDonald's, pizza, macaroni and cheese and enormous bowls of ice cream with candy toppings in order to have a steak? We walked around the corner to our local cafe where I ordered the hanger steak sandwich without the onions. Or cheese. Or bread. I noticed Harry falling asleep at the dinner table and when I woke him he asked "PLEASE CAN I GO TO BED NOW?" As if he couldn't stand to be entertained for one more minute. He was asleep before I even closed the door to his room.


Blogger Andie said...

awe, poor Harry..just wanted to sleep & mean old mommy wouldn't let him! lol.

Blogger CatMar said...

Sorry Harry... next time you tire your mom out and don't let her sleep! LOL (as if he's never done that!)

Blogger Mia said...

i'm officially offering to babysit... with supervision of course! *grin*

Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Love,
Oh, my poor Harry-Boy, soooo tired, i can't beleive he actually asked to go to bed!!! Maybe Mom ran him ragged, LOL. Talk to you later. Love all around.


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