Wednesday, June 4, 2008
A House Divided
Last night at dinner I happened to ask John if he knew the final outcome of the Obama/Clinton drama of the day. Did she or did she not concede? Did he or did he not obtain enough pledged delegates for the nomination?

Sophie seemed surprised that there was a possibility that Hillary could be out of the election. It was Hillary she chose to write a letter to in her first grade global warming writing exercise, which bluntly asked "So what are you going to do to end global warming if you are president?"

That letter alone has garnered Sophie's undying support for Hillary. I, on the other hand, like Obama. Sophie finds this most upsetting. "No! Hillary!" she said again and again. Then she looked to her father and said "Who do you like?" John, who is incapable of making a decision without spending grueling hours contemplating every scenario related to the decision at hand, simply said "I remain undecided." And he will remain undecided until, oh, November 4th.

I explained my reasoning for supporting Obama and one-track-mind Harry, who at the tender age of 3 wanted in on the family political discussion was all "Yes, but does he have trains?"


Blogger Andie said...

lol...gotta love Harry!!

Blogger CatMar said...

Harry is so funny! Tell Sophie that Aunt Marilyn wanted Hillary to be president too. I can't get over how smart she is in first grade.

Anonymous Mom said...

Good Morning My Love,
I am laughing my butt off here at work. My Harry-Boy is something else. I am going to start calling him my little train man.
Have a great day.
Luv, Mom

Anonymous Vikki said...

Isn't it great, though, to have our children already interested in the political process? This can only be a good omen for their future. Well, you caught me on an optimistic day :)

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