Friday, May 30, 2008
Because things have been crazy around here, I will resort to reporting the goings on of things Harper's Index style:

Percentage of people in our house still suffering from seasonal allergies: 100

Number of allergy pills I've give Harry in the last four days: 4

Percentage of pills Harry has attempted to insert up his nose: 50

Percentage of improvement seen in allergy sufferers: 20%

Estimated total hours logged talking about "Speed Racer" with a three year old: 3

Percentage of conversations with said three year old that include sound effects of speeding cars: 100

Number of new freelance jobs started: 1

Percentage of time spent at new freelance job finalizing paperwork and benefits from previous job: 10

Number of times I gave out the dial-in number for the company voicemail system as my direct line: 3

Number of times people mentioned the phone number mistake: 0 (they are too kind to me!)

Number of nights spent camping in our camper: 2

Number of s'mores consumed over the course of the Memorial Day weekend: 17

Bottles of wine waiting for us in camper for our next weekend: 3

Number of hikes taken on first weekend in camper: 1

Percentage of time spent whining by family members under the age of 21 before getting in car to go on hike: 75

Percentage of total weekend conversations that revolved around the price of gas: 25


Blogger Andie said...

total number of laughs after reading this: LOTS!!

Blogger CatMar said...

Very funny!!!

Anonymous Mom said...

I guess you will need that wine!!
Love, Mom

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