Thursday, April 24, 2008
TSDWD 1st Lesson of the Day: Taking the Subway Every Morning Sucks!
No seats and people seemed less than enthused with the amount of kids riding the subway today. One woman seemed annoyed that the bag Sophie was carrying may have brushed against the hem of her slacks for 1.7 seconds on a very crowded E train. Lighten up lady. If you're worried your clothes that much perhaps the subway is not for you?

Sophie and I left the house earlier than usual but arrived just in the nick of time to register and pick up an ID tag for Take our Sons and Daughters to Work Day. We quick, quick, quick grabbed a bite to eat before the opening speaker began and the teams were shuffled off to their creative briefings.


Blogger Andie said...

Good luck today Sophie!!

Anonymous Mom said...

Sophie, have a great day today.
Love & miss you, Nana

Anonymous vikki said...

I hate it when people show open disdain for children. Lighten up, indeed!

Have a great day!

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