Friday, May 2, 2008
When It Rains, It Pours
So back in March I went to have the oil changed in our car and as it turns out the transmission fluid was also due to be changed. I did it because I knew we'd be using the car this summer to travel and thought "I shall be proactive and get this done now, freeing up time and money to pursue other things when the warmer weather arrives." Hurrah for me.

Then the inspection on our car came due, as it is wont to due every year in April. So I took the car to be inspected on Sunday only to find out that
it needed a drive belt. Oh, and ha ha ha, said Oneil, the mechanic, you need new tires and new brake pads.

As it turns out, rubber cracks and becomes brittle with age so if the car is going to be expected to, you know, go, it'll need that drive belt. And it won't pass inspection without it. And the tires could blow out on you when they're cracked, which could make you lose control of the car, but if that happens you wont need brakes because you will be flung into a ditch and the tree at the bottom of the ditch will break your fall. (That's my interpretation.) "Even with new tires you'll stilll need new brake pads so don't hold off, do it in a week or so to save yourself a bigger headache down the line." Or so says Oneil.

So here we are this week, dutifully attending to our car which has served us so well in the five years we've owned it, even after parking it near a gas station that EXPLODED on Staten Island the day after we picked it up from the dealer. We are only a few hours away from getting new brake pads and I was feeling like I'd just given our car the automotive equivalent of a spa treatment when we got a letter in the mail alerting us to the recall of front driver and passenger window door bolts which can cause "distraction or injury from falling glass". But only in the front! Whew!


Blogger Andie said...

lol...and you only have 1 car! Wait until you get the second one!!!

Anonymous vikki said...

It never ends with the cars!

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