Wednesday, February 6, 2008
On Trying to Eat Healthier
Did you know that merely possessing one unit of bagged salad does not help you lose weight? You are supposed to eat it, along with other vegetables and fruit and exercise if you'd like to shed some excess poundage. I think eating less chocolate also factors in somehow but I haven't figured out how. (And I don't want to.)

Since January 1st (the day to begin eating better and healthier) I've thrown away a lot o
f slimy bagged salads because I had every intention of eating it when I was standing in the grocery store produce section. But by the time I checked out, I'd been through so many other exciting aisles in the store that the bagged salad, it just ends up forgotten. Relegated to the back of the fridge, behind the guacamole and pudding. Tell me, what chance does the salad have when it goes up against pudding?

I've since taken to immediately transferring the salad to a clear storage container and keeping up in front, where it can taunt me every time I go open the refrigerator door.

Eddie Izzard does a great bit on supermarkets and produce. Take a look:


Blogger Andie said...

lol, he is funny!

Blogger dlyn said...

I love the bit about pears - one did that on my counter this very morning, darn it!

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