Wednesday, November 14, 2007
OMG! Thanksgiving's Next Week
Last night I read an email from work mentioning "the short holiday week" being next week. I asked John "Is Thanksgiving next week already?"

"No, it's the week after next."

I went on my merry way thinking I had an extra week to prepare but my wandering mind couldn't help but count out the weeks in my mental calendar and indeed it is NEXT WEEK.

How did that happen?

I thought I was bad but I just spoke with someone in California. "Ha! We all thought it was next week, too. Our internal calendars were printed wrong."


Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Love,
I know, i really can't understand how the holiday season is upon us so quick, it seems like just yesterday.......

I am so behind in my planning but thats just me the original procrastinator!

Oh well, talk to you later,

Love to all, hugs too, and don't forget the kisses!!


Blogger Andie said...

OMG! It's next week!!! Thank God I'm not cooking!!!

Blogger CatMar said...

It's just crept up so fast! School was closed Monday due to Veteran's Day and then lo and below! Thanksgiving is next week!! We're going to Virginia to visit my sister... can't wait!!!!

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