Monday, November 12, 2007
Weekend Recap
A picture may tell a thousand words, but it won't show the amount of crying, nagging and overall frustration it took to get the four of us out the door on Saturday morning in order to have a family photo taken. No, my children, who were The Most Uncooperative Children prior to 9:50am were absolute angels when they were in front of the camera, giving beautiful photogenic smiles and posing together as if they had not just fought tooth and nail over a Bee Movie toy.


Only we could return 21 books to the Brooklyn Public Library, check out 24 more and leave one behind in the library. This ought to be a fun one to explain to the librarian.


Homemade Rice Krispy Treats rock. I'd love them even more if the marshmallows weren't made with high-fructose corn syrup.


Yesterday afternoon, while the kids were in Sunday school, I took my retainers out to eat a piece of cake, wrapped them in a napkin and placed them off to the side of my plate only to discover they'd been thrown away accidentally. While we searched for them John said "I told you you'd end up looking for these in the trash at least once." And we were instantly transported back to middle school all over again as we thought about friends who also had to do the same, except they were maybe worse off because they had parents to answer to and lunch ladies looking over their shoulders.


The way to get a soon-to-be three year old to eat to tell the internet "Forget eating. He is no longer interested." Yesterday the kid ate like a horse, had seconds, then thirds at dinner. Then ice cream. After his bath he curled up on my lap and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the first 45 minutes of the Wizard of Oz while Sophie snuggled up right next to me.


Our sitter needs the afternoon off today so John was nominated to do early pick up. Since school is closed, John wanted to do something that resembled repeatedly hitting his head on a blunt object educational so he is taking both kids to the Museum of Natural History. The last time I drank from the "let's do something educational" well, it was a near disaster. Good luck, John. What kind of wine would you like me to bring home?


Blogger Andie said...

well, how did the pics come out? r u gonna post them?

Anonymous Mom said...

I guess i know what will be under the tree this year Pics......Yeah!!
Having the two babes cuddled up next to you sounds so nice. I sure hope you found your invisaligns!!!!, not going to lecture, you are after all a grown woman. Love, Hugs and Kisses to all, miss you all sooooooo much.

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