Monday, July 23, 2007
Summer Sunday Afternoons
One my favorite ways to burn off a summer Sunday afternoon is to take the kids over to our local city pool where they can tire themselves out swimming. The kids ran around for awhile then talked me into taking them into the "big" pool where Sophie, who is fully capable of swimming mind you, clung to me for dear life as we waded in the four foot deep area. Any sudden movement made her shriek with fear and dig her fingernails into my flesh. Her shrieking made Harry shriek with laughter. Apparently, the sight of his sister's terrified face is riotous.

My ears are still ringing.

After the pool we went for ice cream and then mommy went for her own personal treat: pupusas from the South American food stalls that are found surrounding the soccer fields in Red Hook.

If you are in NYC on a weekend, this should be on your to-do list. Bring an appetite and your Spanish because you might need it (I ordered in Spanish; it seemed to help). The stalls are nothing more than a bunch of tents and/or tarps and folding tables, plus portable cooking devices of various sizes and power sources. One woman grills corn on a simple charcoal hibachi, some have more elaborate griddles and grills with miniature armies of women cooking homemade food in an assembly line. The stall I visited yesterday sold barbecued beef over rice and beans, pupusas, tamales and fried plantains, plus lemonade and horchata.

I bought a chicken tamale and a pupusa con queso for $3.50. Had I been alone, I would have waited on line for a Honduran taco at the stall next door. I saw two guys eating them and I swear to God the tacos were as long as their forearms.

If this is the food of the countries these intrepid cooks hail from, I want to go. Now.


Blogger Andie said...

didya save me some? sounds yummy!

Blogger Andie said...

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Blogger CatMar said...

Did you go to the new floating pool? You sure like different foods. I never heard of some of them. They sound interesting.

Blogger Meredith said...

The floating barge has loooonnnnnggg lines and on a hot day, I just can't deal. But, we'll give it a shot soon. Maybe if I can squeeze in a day off we'll head over there....

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