Sunday, July 22, 2007
Boys will be Boys
We live on a very friendly block and yesterday and to celebrate this friendliness, we had our annual post July-4th block party.

The kids on the block, especially mine, love the block party. It is an opportunity to run the street all day long while the parents kick back and mingle. And by mingle I mean drink.

Sophie was great. She practiced (and gave up) riding her two wheel bike, practiced (and gave up) riding in her Heely's, rode her scooter, jumped rope, played tag, ball and ran around like all kids should. There was a minimal amount of drama on her part and on Harry's as well until.....

Our neighbors have this beat-up old walker toy. Some of the pieces are missing, the pictures have all worn off and generally, it's nothing to write home about. Except Harry loves this thing and their kids could care less about it since they've had it forever. Harry uses it to race up and down the street with it at top speed. Again and again. And again.

Then a little boy who happened to be out for a stroll with his mom saw the toy Harry was playing with and wanted to take a turn. That's when things generally fell apart.

There was a lot of pulling on the part of both boys over this toy. Then screaming. That's when I noticed the power struggle between them. It took a great deal of effort on the part of the other mom to separate our sons. By the time I arrived to help intervene, Harry had regained control of this stupid toy and walked down the block with it, reveling in his victory. I was left apologizing and offering to let her little boy use Harry's brand new Thomas scooter.

Except ten minutes later, the other little boy-I don't know his name since this poor kid was only walking by before he got caught up in the debauchery of running in the street at a block party-wanted a turn with the walker.

There they were, near the fire hydrant. Harry had the walker in his kung-fu death grip while the other boy tried to take a turn. The power struggle was more vicious this time, with the other little boy just trying to get in on the walker toy action and Harry trying to defend it to his death.

Then I saw it. The elbow bent, cocked back. There was a fist and my son attached to the shoulder end of it. Harry was going to punch this poor kid over this toy. I arrived and quickly picked up Harry, all hopped up on Juicy Juice and pretzels, plucking him out of his own personal fight club to come back to our table to eat and regain control of his temper.

I just hope this is not a sign of things to come otherwise kindergarten's going to be a bitch.


Blogger Andie said...

oh Harry! Shame on you! No hitting. Sophie, don't give up on the bike riding! My nephew Michael did it! and he's only 5! Practice, practice, practice!

Anonymous Mom said...

Boys will be boys alright! My little Harry-Boy is going to be a little toughie, but can't stay angry for long because he is so darn beautiful!!

Dear Heart - Don't give up on the bike riding or Heelies, you will get it, all you need is a little patience and practice!!

Love you all, my little chickies.

Mom, Nana

Blogger CatMar said...

Harry is a tough Brooklyn boy and Nana is right... he is beautiful(ok, he's a boy but he is adorable!) Sophie, remember this old joke... "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?...Practice, practice, practice" Just keep practicing on your bike and you'll eventually get it!

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