Saturday, March 24, 2007
robberies and oranges
in my last post i wondered which local resident would be interviewed by the news for their coverage of thursday's bank robbery in my neighborhood. i didn't see a story on the broadcast news but the new york times did have a story about it in yesterday's paper.

it seems one local shop worker doesn't think walking into a bank and claiming to have a bomb is anything to be all that concerned about. he regards bank robberies as "nonviolent." that attitude scares me more than the crime itself, especially since this is the fourth robbery in two weeks.

oranges from a can. sweet, sweet oranges, bathed in syrup. what's not to like?

in an effort to work more fruit into my kids diet, i cracked open a can of mandarin oranges and served them at breakfast this morning. perhaps you heard their screams of terror when they saw the little slices of orange heaven on their plates? or maybe your basement was flooded by the river of tears?


Anonymous MOM said...

hi sweetie,

they caught the robber of citibank. i read it on the net this am

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