Thursday, March 22, 2007
last night's party was a huge hit. my outfit was perfectly appropriate although i wasn't really loving the new pants. whatever. all the company big wigs were there. the clients were so appreciative and very nice. i was even invited to visit them anytime i'm in dc. and the star? the celeb throwing his weight behind this effort on behalf of his dad? so incredibly handsome and just plain nice. the celeb (oh alright...i can't hold it in any was richard gere!) is going to be on ellen two weeks from today (that's 4/5). to plug his new film but they are also supposed to show the tv spot we produced for him. check your local listings and tune in.

today i helped chaperone the kindergarten class trip to the new york aquarium. it was exhausting. the buses were late and the aquarium seemed completely surprised by our arrival despite our reservations and pre-arrangements. that left us little time to see the exhibits, which was fine with me. we visit so often i know each fish by name in coney island. it is only march and this was my second trip to the aquarium this year.

on the bus back to school, i was talking to another mom when i thought to myself "gee, someone's crying. huh. sounds like sophie. omigod! it is sophie!" she somehow managed to bang the gum above her two front teeth on the window frame. how this happened, i've no idea. but with everything going on with her teeth lately i was concerned it was something worse. luckily, the mom i was sitting with is a nurse and fast with the tissues. she is also very reassuring. all was ok, even with the subsequent whining the rest of the way home.

we spent a nice hour in the park after school and while we were walking home we heard helicopters flying fairly low overhead. they just kept circling and circling the neighborhood. then our babysitter told me that the bank around the corner from my daughter's school was robbed. every person in the neighborhood has a version of the story to tell (hostages vs. no hostages, armed vs. unarmed, etc.). i'll wait to see what our local news has to say about it and which village idiot they interviewed for the piece.


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they should just let you into the aquarium for free

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