Wednesday, March 21, 2007
happy birthday to me
yesterday was my birthday. medically speaking it is all downhill from here. doctors are now going to start using the word "baseline test" a lot in my presence. i'm officially 35. woohoo!

until yesterday, i was so non-plussed to this semi-milestone that i just ignored it until the day arrived. then i was all charged up with happiness. it could have just been the chocolate but whatever. i was happy.

how did i mark the day? i went to work. my colleagues gave me chocolate and i ate lots of it. and cake. another co-worker gave me the fixings for cream tea. with "luxury" clotted cream. i don't know what the difference is between luxury clotted cream and regular clotted cream but i love clotted cream so who cares?

when i returned home, the kids were all excited because it was mom's birthday. there were cards and cake. and dancing. sophie had us all up dancing. john and i nearly keeled over because our daughter had us doing a very energetic routine. i thought i tore a ligament.

what else heappened yesterday? oh, yes, i had to turn down an invitation to an awards show because i'm having cocktails tonight with some clients and a celebrity. it is like turning down an invitation to the emmy's because you're having drinks with oprah. i don't know how kosher it is to mention his name or the non-profit client but the celebrity starred in a movie in which his co-star doesn't really know how she prefers her eggs cooked. in one scene she tries every type of egg dish there is. how's that for an obscure hint?

anyway, the celebrity will be there and all the women are twittery. i am wearing new pants for the occasion-black-and will be wearing what i have dubbed my desperate housewives sweater which is just a bright blue sweater with black trim. but if you saw it you'd say "yeah, bree van de kamp." i am properly dyed, plucked, tweezed, scrubbed and exfoliated for tonight. hopefully i don't say anything dumb, spill anything on myself or faint.


Blogger Andie said...

lol, hope you had a good time, (glad you did). did you take any pics??? send me some if you did.


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