Friday, March 9, 2007
"I'm not a good mayor but I play one on t.v."
if you live in the vicinity of new york city or read the news online, you are well aware of the tragic fire that claimed the lives of nine people in the bronx yesterday. eight of them were children.

this is the deadliest fire the city's had in 17 years.

so, did mayor bloomberg go to comfort the surviving family members of this horrific fire? nope. why not? because he was in miami, baby! that's right. he never once considered cancelling his trip. and what was he doing in miami? riding environmentally friendly buses. and why didn't he stay in new york? he is quoted as saying:
"I'm not a firefighter and I'm not a doctor and I can't find housing for people, but I have people in place to do that."

mike, mike, mike. you forgot to mention that you are not compassionate. of course you're not all those things and of course you have people in place to do that but that doesn't excuse you. maybe your predecessors didn't go to scenes of tragedy but this was a pretty bad and you, sir, ought to be ashamed of yourself.

and now for the public service announcement part of this post:

this weekend, for those of you unfortunate to live in a region that takes part in daylight savings time, we will be turning the clocks ahead this weekend. if you have children, their body clocks will be all screwy and you'll find yourself up at odd hours. do something with that time. you are hereby assigned to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. if you do this i promise to not talk about the news at all next week. scouts honor.


Anonymous mom said...

Now i know why i never liked that man. And you, my daughter are as witty and wonderful as ever.

Love, Mom

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