Monday, March 19, 2007
you gotta love days like these
our sitter called in sick today with the flu so i am working from home. i wish i could pick two days a month to work from home to play catch up. i am positively amazed how much work i can get done when i'm not actually *at* work.

in a matter of an hour, i was able to complete some paperwork that i just could not get done last week, even with a love-sick two year old by my side. yes, harry is love-sick. he loves to come up to me and hug me, any part of me, and says 'hi mama.' it is pretty cute and he must know it melts me because he usually asks for something five minutes later and then i just give it to him.

i thought the day would have been crazier being at home but i think we've turned the corner. you know which one i'm talking about, right? it's the one your turn after your child begins walking and wreaking havoc around the house and you wonder if you will ever have a spare moment to yourself ever again and then voila! suddenly you find yourself sitting on the couch reading a magazine article and you actually make it to the end before someone comes in and asks you for something. yes, that corner. harry has discovered coloring so he has been sitting for long stretches just quietly coloring and not making a mess while i clean up his previous mess.

sophie had her follow up dental appointment this morning. they pulled two(!) teeth today: the second abcessed tooth and one up front that hadn't had the decency to fall out on its own before the permanent one began growing in. we thought she'd be going to school after but she was kind of freaked out so i ended up keeping her home with me.

both kids are now cuddled up on the sofa under blankets watching "stuart little." and now i'm off to make a cuppa tea and enjoy the rest of a free afternoon with the kiddos.


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hope sophie feels better soon.

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