Thursday, March 8, 2007
it's no wonder i have mood swings
this morning, we were up early and at 6am i decided to turn on the news to see what the weather had in store for us today.

on every single station was the report of a terrible housefire in the bronx which took the lives of eight children and one adult. we had to turn the tv off. not only did they have reporters at the scene but there was footage of rescuers racing out of the building with surviving children in their arms. this made me upset and sad and had the potential to really freak out my six year old.

that wasn't the only news to get to me today. since i've left the house, here's what else i've read/watched/listened to:

it appears that denis "one-n" collins (he appears at the end of this daily show clip; jon stewart makes me giggle like a schoolgirl), jury spokesman in the i. lewis "scooter" libby case, has also written for the washington post. and he wrote a book on spying.

now, i've gotten out of jury duty simply because i knew someone who'd been in a fender bender and i know a few people who are cops. so how does a guy who has written for paper that tends to lean to the liberal side serve on a jury in which a top ranking republican official is found guilty of lying about outing a spy?

maybe i don't understand the entire story. maybe i'm oversimplifying it. but really, it makes no sense to me.

as i was in the elevator at work, i saw a few headlines on our elevator's captivate system. from cnn:
The new commander of U.S. troops in Iraq has warned that military force alone will not be enough to quell the country's violent insurgency.
they just figured this out? hello, it hasn't been working for awhile. now i'm annoyed.

in today's metro, there is an interview with brad luna, a spokesman for the gay rights group human rights campaign. it seems our government spends $250 million to $1 billion dollars in taxpayer money to investigate and decommission gays in the military. wtf? surely there are other things that need this much financial attention in our nation like feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, letting kids get art and music classes in school, monitoring our national safety, not letting wounded soldiers live in deplorable housing. frustrating.


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