Monday, February 26, 2007
getting the kids off the bottle makes me want to hit the bottle
it was different with our first.

we had convinced sophie to wean herself off the bottle by leaving all her bottles out on christmas eve for santa. he would give them to the babies born on christmas day. clever you say? yeah, in an emotionally scarring kind of way.

you see, soon-to-be two-year olds can't think so complexly. they don't make the leap from milk-in-a-bottle to milk-in-a-cup. throw santa into the mix and you basically have a fat man breaking into the house to take your baba's. so, when we asked sophie to stop drinking out of a bottle, she also stopped drinking plain, white milk. (that went over real well with the in-laws, whom we were visiting at the time.) the only way we could get her to drink milk was (and still is) to mix an ounce of drinkable yogurt in with it. we've single-handedly kept stonyfield farms in business since december 25, 2002.

now that our son is two, it is high time he gives up the bottle, no holiday icons or traumatizing this time around. we're veterans!

yesterday, we decided enough is enough. our son will get his milk fix from of a cup. how hard could it be? very hard, apparently!

first we tried the thomas the tank engine cup. he hated it. next we tried his tupperware tumbler cup. not a chance. (those cups are only for water, dumb mommy!) then i found a pack of sippy cups in an abandoned nook of our cabinet, still in their original package. those he liked, without the valve that keeps them spill-proof, thank you very much. and so yesterday evening, he finally drank milk from a cup.

this morning, still reeling from the success yesterday evening's milk-from-a-cup drink fest, i gave him his milk in a cup. the very same cup he drank out of last night. no go. he gave me puppy dog eyes.
"drink from the big boy cup! you'll love it!" i said.

i offered thomas on tv. nope. i offered the highly addictive truck fun! on the on-demand kids channel. uh uh. "baba juice? pleeeeeeeese?" he said while fake fainting to the floor. i just kept saying "drink from the big boy cup! you'll love it!"

he kept giving me that look. the one that says "i just got good at asking for milk in a bottle with my words and everything. why are you doing this to me?!"

i did pretty good for a monday morning. i held my ground. for a whole hour. i even turned the computer on and let him watch this, his absolute favorite song in the whole world as the soundtrack to thomas and friends clips. i made him chocolate chip waffles. but when he hugged and kissed me and whispered "baba juice?" while doing so, i folded like a cheap tent.

tonight, if he drinks from a bottle, so will i.


Blogger Alison said...

I hear you. When we took away Merrie's pacifier (age 3. The night of her 3rd birthday. It was the last day our pediatrician would hear of), it was like watching someone go through withdrawl. Literally. She writhed and cried and clawed at her face.

Three nights of that. THREE LONG NIGHTS. The second night only slightly better than the first, the third only slightly better than the second. Then it was over. Just like that.

Blogger Andie said...

lol. it was pretty easy to get johnny off the bottle. it's diapers that are going to make me hit the bottle!

P.S. glad to see you have a new reader!

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