Saturday, February 17, 2007
any one got a spare bridge lying around they'd like to sell me?
i thought losing nemo was too much for our daughter to bear because she hasn't mentioned getting another fish at all. sure, she's asked for puppies, a parrot and a rabbit but not another fish.

until last night.

suddenly, there is a hole in her heart only a new fish can fill. guess where i'm going this afternoon? that's right. the pet store. to buy what? fish. and what am i? a sucker.

then my husband got the brilliant idea to get not goldfish. "get small fish, like your brother has in his tanks," he said. sounds simple. it isn't. those fish require a heater. and a better filter. and more stuff to enable them to live in captivity. we're getting goldfish.

at first she wanted three. she was going to name them smelly, smelly and smelly. then i said "how about just getting two fish?" she was all over that. "ok! i'll name mine smelly and my brother's fish will be named thomas." the husband suggested irving, i'm gunning for marvin. but since it is for her brother, he gets to name it. since he's two, he'll probably come up with something brilliant, like fishy.


Blogger Andie said...

good luck with this lot.

Blogger Meredith said...

thanks! we just got back from buying the tank. we'll set that up today and then tomorrow we'll go back for the fish, which we've already chosen. baby fancy goldfish (that's not a technical term; i just don't know what else to call them). total expenditure so far: $42.49. that includes the projected cost of the fish.

Anonymous MOM said...

Good Night Irene!!Good Luck!!!

Love to all of you!!

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