Tuesday, February 20, 2007
festival of baking
yesterday was the festival of baking.

it was freezing and harry has a cold so we stayed in and baked up a storm. chocolate chip cookies, a loaf of homemade french bread and four mini loaves of banana bread. i also managed to cook two dinners: a pork tenderloin with baked potatoes for last night's supper and fried chicken cutlets for tonight's dinner. i rocked the kitchen yesterday.

know what else rocked? my family. that's right. they were awesome, all weekend long. first, the husband was trying to distract harry. from doing what exactly i forget because he wowed me by saying "your mom works her butt off for you guys; don't do that. she works so hard." i know my husband loves me but acknowledgement is not his strong suit so those words? gold.

sophie and i watched america's ballroom challenge on pbs. my refined daughter fell in love with the show. she was impressed with the gowns (one was pink, so that was a no-brainer) and loved the dancing. but she really bowled me over when during one couple's dance she said "oh, mom. this music is just so beautiful." how could you not love that?

every once in a while harry will lock onto a phrase that makes sense to no one else but him. so, every time i asked harry a question on saturday, his stock response was "box of cheese."

mom: "would you like pancakes for breakfast?"
harry: "box of cheese!"

mom: "time for your nap!"
harry: "box of cheese!"

mom: "come take your vitamin."
harry: "box of cheese!"

we still have no idea what he means.

had dinner with my friend lindsay on sunday night at a little cuban restaurant in our neighborhood. we each got different versions of hangar steak quesadillas and split them. to say they rocked underestimates their deliciousness.

still no names for the fish but harry's fish, which is almost purely orange, may be named "carrot."


Blogger Andie said...

glad to see you had a great weekend. kudos to john for the word's of praise. good luck with the names of the fish. I can't think of any suggestions, brain freeze.

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