Wednesday, February 14, 2007
happy valentine's day!
what's that? oh, you brought me flowers? how sweet of you. i have nothing for you. sorry.

maybe look in here for some different candy. or, go here to send an anti-valentine. or buy an anti-valentine t-shirt here. and if you don't feel guilty eating gobs of chocolate today, go here to read about fair-trade cacao and child laborers. happy, happy!

so what's with all the scrooge in february? nothing really. i'm in a great mood today....just thought i'd send you some place to bring you down from the stuffed-bear/super rich chocolate/red rose overdose of today because valentine's day can be so sappy. and i loathe sap.

it is finally snowing here in nyc. my daughter is so excited. my son keeps looking at his snow boots as if they were shackles. he pretends he can't walk in them, even though he really can. and like i predicted a couple weeks ago, the storm has its own logo on every news station. nor'easter 2007! yes, it is icy. yes, it is windy. but remember, it is february and winter. this comes with the territory so quit your bitching.

i decided a few weeks ago to order a coat for my son in a size larger than he would normally wear for next winter (i'm such a cheapskate). i ordered it at kohl's for $18. i know! that's so cheap! i also bought him a pair of (chaps) cords for $5.67 and a sweater for $3.82. well, yesterday i received the pants but no coat or sweater. so i called kohl's. it seems they were out of stock on the coat and sweater so they cancelled that part of the order. no warning. nothing. "but both are back in stock, would you like to buy buy them now?" the sales associate asked. um, yeah. i would since i kinda ordered them already. and when the nice lady on the phone (who waived the priority shipping fees, bless her heart) saw how much the coat cost, she commented on my shopping prowess. "wow," she said. i told her "you should see how i rock out at the grocery store."


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viva la snow!

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