Friday, February 16, 2007
fear and loathing of mid-winter break
so as the daughter and i were playing soccer with a big piece of dirty new york city snow this morning, we saw one of her classmates and his dad on the way into school. the dad mentioned that today is the last day of school before vacation. i was all "oh, that's nice. you're going on vacation." and then it hit me. we're all on vacation. there is no school next week. ohmigod! no. school. as in, like, non-attendence of insitution of learning for 5 whole days.

once i was able to get my heart to resume its normal beating pattern i remembered there is going to be a lot to do next week. i'm off on monday for president's day so surely i can come up with a way to torture myself something cultural or educational to do with the kids. and nana is coming into town! i told nana last night, waaaay back when i thought school would be in session "you need to let me know what your plans are next week so i can make arrangements for you to pick up sophie." guess what, nana? no arrangements necessary, come whenever you want! nana also wanted to take sophie to the new "bridge to terabithia" movie. "yeah, if we don't go this weekend she can go with you," i said. guess what nana? you've been assigned! surely the library will be good for an afternoon jaunt for the kids and our babysitter. that takes care of what, four days? not bad. crisis averted. for now.


Blogger Andie said...

you are too freakin' funny. you always find things to do with your kids... ps. tell nana Hi! from me.

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