Sunday, February 18, 2007
new fish on the block
we are now the proud owners of two ryukin goldfish. names still to be determined. it seems stinky and smelly are no longer en vogue with our six year old. our two year old could care less.

one fish is white with a calico-like black-orange pattern. the other is all gold with the faintest bit of black at the edge of his fins. they are tiny, maybe an inch long, and so cute. even i am taken with them.

please say a prayer that they are of the same sex. we don't want babies. i would have asked at the store if they knew but they could barely keep track of the pen at the register for credit card customers and i just thought i ought to not tax them.

in other news, we took the kids to church today and they actually behaved. they were amazing.

oh, and happy lunar new year to you! may you have a healthy and prosperous year of the pig. gung hay fat choy!


Blogger Andie said...

I'm praying

Anonymous MOM said...

Welcome fishy, fishy!! Will meet you soon.

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