Monday, February 12, 2007
weekend recap

took daughter to scouts where she celebrated valentine's day with her daisy troop. she came home with new hair accessories, a new hair do and painted nails. she also earned her you-can-never-wear-too-much-pink-eyeshadow badge.


grocery shopped. bought diapers at target. mailed two birthday cards at post-office. yelled at husband for failing to heed my instructions to never the touch the socks in the laundry basket. (he can't seem to figure out which socks belong where; do you know a six year old that can fit in old navy 12-24 month socks? me neither.) drove to aunt and uncle's house for their anniversary get-together before picking up sister-in-law at the airport. left sock-illiterate husband in car with two sleeping children while i attended get-together for 10 minutes, then left for airport. children woke up at airport. they wondered why there was no party. dinner.


shipped daughter off with nana laurie for lunch at american girl place. met up with sister-in-law in chinatown. son slept through lunch at restaurant. walked around, picked up some chinese new year decorations for daughter. coffee and pastry in little italy. when daughter returned from american girl, nana asked why there was no party on saturday. explained the kids slept through it. that made sense to nana because she is a rational adult. found out that daughter's explanation for no party is that i lie. pathologically. dinner plans fall through since son won't cooperate. ordered in. watched grammys. sting! with the police! roxanne!


realized diapers bought on saturday are a size too small. took subway to work and was treated to a sermon and the sight of a pretty woman dressed like this on the same subway car:

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watched as a nasty guy yelled at the man giving the sermon and decided this is what is so great about living in new york.


Blogger Andie said...

someone get hubby a sock chart. viva le target!

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