Friday, January 12, 2007
ripped from the headlines
if you have nothing else going on tomorrow, you could join improv everywhere for a pantsless ride on the 6 train tomorrow. according to metro:

improv everywhere is organizing a pantsless ride on the 6 train. meet in front of the granite sculpture in foley square at 3pm, saturday. do not wear pants. [as if 'pantsless ride' would lead you to believe otherwise.] then ride the 6 from brooklyn bridge to 125th st. or, for the rest of us, just avoid the 6 for a couple of hours.

you should be so prolific [also from metro]:

members of the lubavitch jewish community buried maryasha garelik yesterday. garelik, who was approximately 106 years old when she died on january 10th, is survived by more than 550 direct descendants living on every continent except antarctica.


Blogger Andie said...

i'm in! should we wear underwear? and was she rich? maybe we're related....

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